NCC Sound and Light Parliament Hill, Ottawa

                 Petrona Towers Fountain Control

                Pedro St. James Object Theatre

  Cape North Wind Farm Visitor Centre, P.E.I.

What We Do:

GET specializes in the design, manufacture, integration, installation and maintenance of audiovisual and electronic systems in permanent and traveling exhibits, museums, visitor centres, World Fairs and other major attractions.

We are experienced in all aspects of audiovisual and electronic systems and production including video presentation from servers, interactive applications either kiosk-based or networked, exhibit lighting including fibre optic and LED applications, and integrated or customized analogue and digital sound systems. GET provides production services for SD and HD Video, Audio, Multi-media and IT based Interactives.

Where We Work:

We have worked throughout Canada and internationally in Europe: Spain, France, England, Portugal; South East Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia; continental U.S.A.; and South Africa.


We have developed a line of specialized exhibit products which we design and manufacture. Exhibit control systems are a specialty based on our proprietary DPC1000 controller. Other products include an audio wand, a 7-watt amplifier, MP3 Players, an internet based exhibit controller and a single frame slide projector with lamp control.


We are specialists in video server technology, both the standard NTSC 4x3 format and the Hi-definition 16x9 format used in the cultural and interpretation industry in Canada. We integrate custom, industrial and consumer technology of all makes and models.

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